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Zhongli Technology, focusing on the R&D and
production of welding and cutting equipment

FOSHAN ZHONGLI NC CUTTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2005, integrating industry and trade. The company is mainly engaged in welding and cutting equipment production, CNC welding and automation specialised machine research and development, welding technology consulting services, and domestic and foreign brand welding and related professional science and technology enterprise operating as a welding equipment agent.



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  • 8 invention patents
  • 15 utility model patents
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Advantages of Zhongli

We provide high-quality and reliable products to create value for our customers


Improve production efficiency
and reduce labor costs

The company's production team management comes from robotics and
large manufacturing companies and has rich
experience in production management and quality management.


High stability
reduces defective product rate

When automatic welding is used, the welding parameters of each, solder joint are constant, which reduces the influence of human factors on the welding quality and reduces the requirements for workers' operation technology, so the welding quality is stable.


Humanized design
and personalized customization

We provide customers with one-stop services such as selection of welding equipment in various industries and customized
design of a complete set of automated production solutions,
free sampling of welding products, on-site guidance and installation, etc.
You only need to make a request, and the rest will be left to the Zhongli Technology team.


24-hour response
after-sales service guarantee

Professional pre-sales and after-sales customer service will help you solve various problems encountered during the
use of , allowing you
to find solutions to problems as soon as possible. A huge
service system and after-sales team will make your equipment appear Problems
can be repaired promptly.

Develop control systems

High system stability, simple and convenient operation


Independent research and development equipment

Have many technical staff with ten years of R&D experience


Installation and debugging training

Product installation and debugging, job operation training


Free evaluation plan

Conduct a thorough and professional assessment of the client's situation


Free proofing

Provide free proofing service


Craftsmanship and careful work, caring about every detail

With technology as the core and quality as life

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Customer Testimonials

We always focus on the cuslomers, Zhongli Technology focuses on welding and cutting equipment and serves more than 150 regions across China.

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Products are widely used in machinery, hardware, petrochemical, pipeline, power engineering and other industries.


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